Welcome to Cascadia

Centuries have passed since The Convergence, a terrible accident caused by overambitious technological development in the world we know as Earth. The Convergence destroyed that world by removing the barrier that separated Earth from a myriad of parallel dimensions. The result was chaos and destruction across Earth and its parallel earths as they merged into one, with billions of casualties, and the laws governing the different realities becoming confused.

At least one holdout remnant of Earth0 still exists, using technology to hold the chaos of The Convergence at bay. Columbia exists as an outpost or order, stability, and technology in a world with few rules. However, Columbia itself has struggled mightily to get where it is, and faces enemies from within and without who would see the blight of technology gone forever, or from those who would repeat the mistakes of the past.

Cascadia is a kingdom outside of Columbia, forced to carve an existence for itself in a world more dangerous than ever. Trade of knowledge, skills, and resources keeps the fates of Cascadia and Columbia deeply entwined. Howvever, many resent the sometimes domineering influence of Columbia on Cascadia’s affairs and the lives of comfort and safety that the citizens of Columbia enjoy. Maintaining relations between the two is a delicate balancing act necessary for survival and keeping chaos at bay.